St. Veronica Church

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Q: Is this a mom’s playgroup setting?

A: Not really.  This is a time for you as a mom to have community with other like-minded women seeking to bring God into their lives.  During the summer months we will likely postpone our normal studies and do more social outings with and without kids.  But for the next seven weeks consider giving yourself an hour and a half Thursday mornings to recharge for spiritual battery. 


 Q: Will you be providing childcare during these meetings?

A: Unfortunately we will not be offering childcare at this time. We did discuss the possibility of adding it in the future should the need present itself. We have had a couple people ask about it but we would need a member to champion the childcare aspect in order to pursue it.

One thing to consider is whether or not your child(ren) could come with you and stay busy while you meet with the group.  Some kids do well in this capacity and others not (I have one of each) The only request from the Parish is that children not be left unattended in the building for the safety of your child.

If you decide your child could handle the group for an hour then go ahead and register.  But if you decide to hold off for now just please keep checking back
 with us.  We'll get there hopefully ; )