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Eucharistic Exposition & Adoration

We are privileged to celebrate the Presence of Christ as we celebrate the Mass with frequent and regular opportunities.  The Mass is primary celebration of the Eucharist.  Because we celebrate the Eucharist, we also have opportunities for corporate and personal prayer in the Sacramental presence of his Body and Blood at both Eucharistic Exposition (with a monstrance) and Eucharistic Adoration (in the tabernacle).  Both are the same Presence of Christ as we, the body of Christ, have gathered to celebrate the Mass as God’s Pilgrim People.

The Catholic Church professes the sacramental presence of the Risen Lord in the consecrated elements of bread and wine. Eucharistic Exposition is held in the parish chapel on the First Wednesday of every month starting at 1:00 p.m. and ending at 7:00 p.m.  All parishioners are invited to participate in Eucharistic Adoration during the day and times listed above.

One may come at any time during Eucharistic Exposition hours and stay as long or briefly as your schedule permits. Regular participants are encouraged to sign-up (name and phone number) so you can receive a reminder call each month.  We also use Sign Up Genius for on line sign ups; this service is available on the parish web site, as well as a message sent through Constant Contact for those who receive parish e-mails.  During Exposition there must me parishioners in attendance at all times.  The chapel is open for Eucharistic Adoration each weekday during regular office hours.