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Prayer for Patience

With school and sports and scouts and music and dance and REP, days can get pretty hairy.  And when our schedules are packed, temperatures and tempers are high and time is short, patience can easily get left behind like last night's homework.  Here is a prayer to say for, or better yet with, your family.  Maybe it can be a morning prayer taped to a bathroom mirror. Maybe it can be an "in-the-car" prayer tucked inside the glove compartment (if you think you could actually FIND it in there). But wherever it goes, in your house or in your car, combine this prayer with a chance for everyone to count to 10 and take a few deep breaths, and its sure to help everyone get back on the patience train.  Amazing what a couple minutes of quiet can do for a family under stress. Give it a try.  Hope it helps.

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