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God Placed a Trust in Catechists

I read "God Placed a Trust in Fathers" and it made me think of all that God has entrusted us with. I have adapted the reading for catechists.

God placed a trust in catechists to support their students' needs, to serve them and yet to keep enough sensitivity to support the small and fragile hopes of children:
  • To guide in gentleness, to love and to teach with corrective discipline...not with anger but with a calm mind and an active heart.
  • To know that not all the pain or scratches in life can be seen from the outside and to realize that sometimes it is the inner pains a child has that need the most comfort.
  • To set an example of goodness of heart, and though a catechist may hold a child's hand with grown-up fingers, will know when to hold on firmly and when to reach out gently.
  • To care enough to know that trust is built in small ways in shared time in the ongoing days.  Sharing love and laughter are also elements of a catechist's care.
  • To be strong enough to be leaned upon and yet wise enough to know that God awaits to help with each decision of the mind and will.

God placed a trust in catechists to be strong in love, persistent in forgiveness, consistent in sharing all they are with those in their care, and to guide these children in walking uprightly before the Lord.

Adapted from Sower's Seed That Nurture Family Values, Sixth Planting, by Brian Cavanaugh, T.O.R.