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Faith Formation Commission

I.    Philosophy and Goals


A.   Philosophy for the existence of a Faith Formation Commission 


1.    The Faith Formation Commission (FFC) has the responsibility to contribute to the evangelization, faith formation and catechesis for all persons in our faith community. The FFC is an advisory body to the Pastor, Pastoral Staff, School Staff and Parish Council and the coordinating body of all formation committees for St. Veronica. The activities, programs, and established policies sponsored or enacted by the FFC are ultimately under the authority and regulation of the Pastor and Parish Council of St. Veronica Parish. 


2.    The National Directory for Catechesis, The General Directory for Catechesis, the Bishop’s Document on Adult Faith Formation, “Our Hearts Were Burning Within Us” and the Bishop’s Document on Youth Ministry, “Renewing the Vision: A Framework for Catholic Youth Ministry” and the Archdiocese of Cincinnati’s “Christ At The Center” Initiatives serve as our guide as we share in the mission of the parish and continually assess the implementation of faith formation initiatives. Members of the commission should remain open to new forms, new programs, new methods which give promise of fuller realization of this mission. 


B.   Goals of the Faith Formation Commission for 2013-2014 


1.    Nurture small church communities 

2.    Promote living discipleship 

3.    Train and prepare community leaders 

4.    Engage the assembly to become active participants 

5.    Provide the resources for vocational discernment 


Contact Bill Frantz, Pastoral Associate at 513.688.3155 or or the Parish Office at 528-1622.



Anthony Krumm - Chair

Joe McDermott - 2nd 

Becky Link

Marian McDaniel

Patrick McManus

Brian Murray

Mike Roach

Toni Thorp - Recording Secretary

Emily Besl - Staff Liaison

Bill Frantz - Staff Liaison

Carol Durham