St. Veronica Church


Welcome to the home of the St. Veronica Vikings home of both girls and boys athletics here at St. Veronica. St. Veronica Vikings offers a wide variety of sports for our youth to play. We currently have 300+ youth athletes in across all of our sports teams.
The mission of St. Veronica Athletic Boosters Club is to support St. Veronica Parish in its broader mission of pastoral care for the family. The St. Veronica Athletic Boosters Club seeks to contribute to the St. Veronica Parish Community through the support of youth athletic activities.
St. Veronica recognizes that the physical education of our parishioners plays an important part in their overall education, development and quality of life. Through athletics, parishioners are afforded the opportunity to develop physically, emotionally, morally, and socially. Effective management and support of athletic activities is the goal of the Boosters; in a manner that will assist our parishioners with their development of strong Christian values in athletic activities. The Boosters Club extends the pastoral care of the parish to all parishioners and collaborates with neighboring parishes in athletic education.
The Boosters promote Christian values and athletic activities for all parishioners through the following:
  • Organizes leagues and teams for sports and athletic activities for all parishioners and provides experienced adult guidance that assists in the development of ones God given abilities and talents.
  • Purchases, holds, and maintains athletic equipment on behalf and for the benefit of St. Veronica Parish.
  • Plans and promotes social activities to raise money for the support of athletic programs.
  • Continually reassesses the needs of St. Veronica Parish as they relate to Boosters’ purpose.
Regular meetings are generally held on the first Tuesday of the month or as directed by the Booster Board. Adult volunteers are always welcome for booster events and participation as a board member, coaches, assistant or numerous other roles.