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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering and Engagement
Eagerly Sharing God's Gifts with All of God's People
Pray, Serve, Share

Stewardship Commission:
The Stewardship Commission is focused on increasing a sense of Hospitality, Fellowship, and Discipleship.
The Hospitality Ministry is looking for friendly, outgoing parishioners to extend a warm welcome to newcomers, guests, and regular attendees.  Hospitality Ministry is focusing on reorganizing the Greeters. and enhancing the New Parishioner Welcome process. We also want to encourage all parishioners to become unofficial greeters and to live a life of gratitude.

Are you looking for a particular project? Here are some great opportunities to get involved:
  • First Sunday Fellowship- Need volunteers to assist with this already organized monthly event
  • Keep Christ at the Center of your life
  • Living, Teaching, and Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus
  • Be Grateful for all of God’s Gifts in your life
  • Pray for those in need
  • See Stewardship as a way of life

For a complete list of opportunities, see link below.