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Tree of Appreciation

Parishioners are asked to nominate individuals for this special recognition. The qualifications for The Tree of Appreciation candidates are simple: (1) the individual must currently be, or at one time was, a registered member of St. Veronica, and (2) the candidate must be nominated by a currently registered member of our Parish.
The nomination process itself is also simple. Any registered parishioner can submit a qualified individual’s name along with a short essay describing why you feel this individual should be considered as a Tree of Appreciation recipient. Nomination forms are located near the Tree of Appreciation in the Narthex. All nominations are to be mailed or returned to the Parish Office in care of Parish Council.
Past Honorees
2001 - Susan Churchill, Louise Egbert, Tom & Ruth Patt, Hank & Kathy Wolfer, Frank Urban
2002 - Charles & Mary Becker, Don & Jeanne Grever, Bert & Peggy Farwick
2003 - Denny & Pat Donnelly, Pat & Braxton Smith, Bob & Marilyn Bridges
2004 - Dan & Tammy Kramer, Lex & Bruce Chitwood, Steve & Diane Wilson
2005 - Jim & Donna Magee, Mickey Mulvaney, Bob & Mary Rering
2006 - Mike & Ruth Blom, Paul & Rose Ross, John & Georgia Sheehy
2007 - George & Elaine Ecker, Gene & Rosemarie Ingalls, Alan & Mary Ann Fodor, Sr. Vincent Marie Willman, S.C.,
2008 - Bev & Jerry Burbrink, Susan Schickel, Gary Gunkel, Paul & Ann Hirschauer, Sheila Martin
2009 - John & Mary Connolly, Rev. Dennis Caylor, Al & Barb Razzano, M. Pat Kramer
2010 - Chris & Amy Fisher, Tom & Fran Perry, Tim & Kathy Grant, Rev. Michael Flaherty
2013 - Rusty & Sheila Doran, Deacon Dan & Pris Murphy
2016 - Men's Holy Name Society, Don & Dee DeMaria, Mary Sue O'Donnell