St. Veronica Church


Parish Council's responsibility is to serve as an advisory council to the Parish Pastor. Representatives are responsible for providing a dialogue between the parishioners and the Parish Pastor. Parish Council, as directed by the Pastor, is encouraged to participate with the Pastor in the decision making process of the Parish; furthermore they are accountable for the implementation of such decisions and policies. Council is responsible for providing to the Pastor and the Finance Commission the goals, objectives and priorities of the Parish. Parish Council is responsible for determining the needs of the parish community and to evaluate the parish ministries in light of those needs. Parish Council at the direction of the Pastor is responsible for communicating to and directing the many ministries within the parish. Council through the discretion of the Pastor is responsible for implementing a renewal of the parish community called for by the Second Vatican Council and the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

Parish Council consists of 10 elected parish members, the parish priest, and deacons. Members are elected by fellow parishioners every year in May and serve a three year term. Meetings are typically held on the 4th Monday of the month from 6:30-8:30 p.m. in the Parish Ministry Center unless otherwise noted in the bulletin.    Meetings are open to parishioners.

Council Members:
739-1237   Jon Dannemiller (Chairperson)
528-5757   Brian Arnold
528-0231   Dottie Buerger
576-0532   Rob Cheek
910-8277   Jennifer Hall
300-8931   Dave Limbacher
218-9731   Kevin Link
752-6089   Jordan McManus
752-9361   Mike Moran
444-5979   Nathan O'Der

Commission Liaisons:

Finance Commission: Jon Dannemiller and Dave Limbacher

Stewardship Commission: Rob Cheek and Mike Moran

Faith Formation Commission: Jordan McManus and Nathan O'Der

Worship Commission: Dottie Buerger and Dave Limbacher

Education Commission: Brian Arnold and Jennifer Hall

Outreach Commission: Brian Arnold & Kevin Link

Architecture & Infrastructure: Jon Dannemiller