St. Veronica Church

Social Events

Parent-Child Events
Dad-Lad Event: A fun “no girls allowed” opportunity.  Events vary from year to year and have in the past included a Cyclones game where the group took to the ice during intermission!  Way cool, right?  Plan to attend this awesome “all boys” event and you may just have the time of your life!  November 9, 2018   (Chairperson: Molly Gibson)
Father-Daughter Dance: Fathers, Grandfathers, Uncles, Friends . . . If you have a special young lady attending St. Veronica, then this event is especially for you.  The Father/Daughter dance gives you the opportunity to show that special young lady how wonderful she really is!   February 2, 2019     (Chairperson: Monica Smith)
Mother-Daughter Event: A special event that allows you to take a moment with your special girl.  The event type varies, but whether you’re painting, crafting, cooking or otherwise, we know you’ll be making fun memories you’ll look fondly on for years to come.  October 13, 2018  (Chairperson: Andy Wilson)
Mother-Son Bowling: Moms don’t always get the best opportunities to bond with their boys.  Here’s an opportunity you shouldn’t pass up . . . Bowling!  Also comes with laughing, eating, serious talk about their favorite superhero and a gross-out joke or two.  May 11, 2019  (Chairperson: Jill Cheek)  
Other Events and Activities
Euchre Night: Serious adult fun is had here!  Whether you come alone, with someone, if you’re a euchre pro or a total novice . . . once you walk through the doors you’ll be calling suits, trading partners and generally having a ridiculously fun time.
February 16, 2019  (Chairperson: Ashley Homoelle)
Receptions: Representing the St. Veronica PTO  with refreshments and a warm welcome at various school functions such as Open House, Parent-Teacher Conferences and Kindergarten Orientation 
Santa’s Secret Shop: With two Secret Santa Workshops this year, we can help all our kids experience the joy of finding the perfect gift for that special someone.  We’ll look forward to their squeals of delight as they choose gifts for their loved ones, and watch as our elves wrap and tag each special gift. In school - all day Friday, November 30, 2018; After all Masses,  Sunday,  December 2, 2018.  (Chairperson: Megan Walsh)