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Koinonia Small Groups

WHAT IS KOINONIA?  What are these small groups about?

Pronounced: Koy-no-nee-ya

Simply put, KOINONIA groups are Catholic youth and their friends coming together to have conversations in a warm, relaxed setting about meaningful issues in life and how faith helps make sense of it all.  Each gathering includes food, fun and faith sharing.


KOINONIA Small Groups are where our great big Church becomes a great small Church. It's the place to go to grow, to be known, loved and care for.

We believe that Faith Grows In A Circle and we think Small Group Circles are where that can happen.  Intentional relationships are key to sustained spiritual growth. That's why Small Groups are such an important part of growing discipleship.

In Small Groups high schoolers discuss what God's Word says on a topic, and approach it through the issues and challenges of their daily lives. Young people are challenged to become authentic and accountable about what's really going on in their lives in a safe and supportive place. Members pray for one another, care for one another, and develop friendships with other growing disciples. 

What is a Small Group? Is it Bible Study?  Small Groups are made up of 6-12 people who meet to discuss faith, go deeper in the weekly message, and support one another in their relationship with Christ. While prayer is an important part of our Small Group environments, they are not Prayer Groups.  Small Groups are not Bible Study or High School Religious Education classes. Small Groups are the place you connect with other growing disciples in a more personal environment.

What happens in a Small Group?  Groups meet in members’ or a hosts’ homes or in the Parish Ministry Center and usually begin with casual conversation then prayer. St. Veronica Parish provides materials that connect to the weekly message heard in Church on the weekend. Group members discuss and apply God’s word to their own lives. Meetings end with group prayer and some social time.

Are Small Groups just discussion groups?  Our Small Groups are more than just discussion groups.  They are environments for growing discipleship in authentic and caring ways.  Small Groups strive to be the place for young Church members to find support, encouragement and care. Great friendships have developed out of our Small Groups.  Group members face the challenges of life together, have fun together, share a meal, or reach out in service projects.

How do Small Groups get started?  There are several ways our Small Groups form.  Individuals who sign up on our website throughout the year will be contacted by the KOINONIA Team.  Our team works to create small groups.  In addition, we have two events a year (one in the Fall and one in the Winter) where we either form new groups or find a place in an existing Small Group for people looking for a Small Group environment.

How long do Small Groups meet?  It's up to each group, but the standard meeting time is an hour and a half to two hours. Small Groups are encouraged to meet 5 times in a 12 week period or approximately every other week.

How long is my commitment to Small Groups?  We understand that there are times, in a high schooler’s life, when being in a small group will be difficult. There is no hard and fast life cycle for our groups although we encourage our Small Groups to grow together over the course of a year.

You don't have to be a member or a Catholic to join a KOINONIA Small Group. Everyone attending a high school is welcome. We encourage all our teens to join a group and invite their friends.  There are no fees or costs for participants.

How do I join a Small Group? You can register online at:   

Or complete the registration form and return it to the parish office or drop it in the collection basket.

CONTACT: Bill Frantz, Pastoral Associate