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Mission, Vision & Values

In July 2015 through July 2016 . . .
We celebrated:
  • 43 infant baptisms
  • 7 baptisms of 7-17 year old's
  • 4 adult baptisms
  • received 3 adults into the Catholic Church
  • celebrated First Holy Communion for 97 children
  • celebrated the Sacrament of Confirmation for 66 people
  • celebrated 8 Marriages
  • celebrated Funerals for 33 people
We have 1188 households registered in the parish, consisting of 4099 individual Catholics.
Our Pre-K through 8th grade parish school has 498 students, with 33 teachers.  Our Religious Education Program enrolled 121 young people.
Our Parish Pastoral and Business Staff is comprised of 12 professional ministers.
St. Veronica Catholic Parish is a Community of the Faithful in which all members share in the essential purpose of living, teaching and proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Vision (Determines Our Destination)
We will be a laity-driven Catholic community under the leadership of the pastor with attentive listeners in touch with one another, other parishes, the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and the world.  Our staff and ministry leaders are recognized for their practice of effective leadership.
We are a prayerful community with vibrant ministries that call us to foster faith, to grow spiritually through inspiring and relevant liturgies, and a community that reaches out to the whole family of God.  We are a family of learners, especially in the areas of Sacred Scripture, Catholic Tradition and Doctrine, Theology, Morality and Social Justice.
Catholic Based Education 
The St. Veronica Education Commission creates a model school that balances “Catholic and Academic” excellence.  We educate our children (School and Religious Education Program) within a loving and nurturing environment which maximizes their development as children of God..  Our youth consider St. Veronica their second home, a place for prayer, growth, learning and play.
Catholic Community 
St. Veronica is a welcoming parish that fosters a spirit of genuine Christian hospitality whose members are committed disciples of Jesus Christ and a visible sign of Christ’s presence.
Our parish community will thrive through the ministry of all who volunteer.
The campus provides a place of worship, learning, and fellowship that is respected by parishioners and visitors.  The environment is clean, safe, well maintained and preserved for future generations.
St. Veronica calls forth its parishioners to be stewards that give willingly to our parish and the wider community.  We practice sound financial principles which provide financial stability and a strong foundation for future generations.

Values (Guide Our Direction)
Faith in God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, 
Love of God, Family and Community
Guided by Wisdom of the Holy Spirit, 
Disciples Who Build God’s Kingdom
Embrace Roman Catholic Teachings
Integrity and Justice in All that We Do.
Critical Success Factors (What must we absolutely do?)
All leaders share the parish vision, inspire trust among parishioners and empower parishioners and employees to make significant contributions toward implementing the strategy.
  • We must become a warm and welcoming parish that engages parishioners of all ages to make a difference.
  • We must provide liturgies, ministries and programs that foster spiritual growth and meet the needs of our parishioners.
  • We must continue to improve internal processes and be good stewards of parish resources.
  • We must provide Catholic education for our children through our school and youth programs.
  • We must operate with a balanced budget, service our debt and plan to operate in the future so funds from the Festival are available for extraordinary items.