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PRIEST PRESIDER SCHEDULES for St. John Fisher & St. Veronica Collaborative Pastoral Region Plan

St. John Fisher and St. Veronica Collaborative Pastoral Region

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    Collaborative Pastoral Region

    January 2017

    On December 7 Fr. Steve Walter (pastor of St. John Fisher) and Fr. Del Staigers (pastor of St. Veronica)  met with Bishop Joseph Binzer (Priests’ Personnel Director) and Fr. Jan Schmidt (Director of Pastoral Services) to discuss the formation of a Collaborative Pastoral Region.
    Bishop Binzer explained the process of forming a region, which in our case means sharing a pastor and clergy assistance.  We emphasized that this is NOT a merger of parishes, nor a consolidation of parishes.

    Down the road we could look at how our parishes might work together by sharing of some staff and programs, but these are not steps that we would look at initially.

    We emphasized that we would need additional clergy assistance, as we are not in a position to reduce Sunday Masses.

    On January 11, at St. Veronica, Bishop Binzer and Fr. Schmidt will meet with:

                1. Pastors of both parishes, then

                2. Parish Council and/or Finance Council

    3. Parish staff of both parishes.

                All of these groups will have dinner together between our meetings.

      A Town Hall Meeting will be held on Thursday, January 19.  ALL PARISHIONERS are invited to hear the plans about the Collaborative Pastoral Region.  This meeting will take place at St. John Fisher at 7:00 p.m.

      Part of this process will involve a transition/implementation Committee to form a plan to be presented to Bishop Binzer.

    Further, more detailed information can be found by going to, then “Ministries and Office,” then “Pastoral Regions.

      Please pray for the smooth transition of implementing the region for our two parishes.  It’s also important to note that this process is going on throughout the archdiocese.  Our parishes are not being “singled out,” but joining in the process of our whole archdiocese.

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    News about the Collaborative Pastoral Region of
    St. John Fisher, Newtown & St. Veronica, Mt. Carmel

    October 2016
    Dear members of Saint Veronica and Saint John Fisher Parishes,

    Each year as we enter the Fall Season, we are reminded of life’s changes and the annual cycle of the earth’s ongoing renewal.  Each season brings with it an opportunity for preparation and celebration, for anticipation of good things to come.

    A number of years ago the Archdiocese of Cincinnati created PASTORAL REGIONS to assist parishes in continued growth and renewal as pastoral leadership changes.  The fact that we have fewer priests is a reality of our life in the Church today.  It is within the context of our pastoral region that the continued and ongoing life of the local faith community can continue to grow and flourish.

    Recently Archbishop Schnurr has given Father Steve Walter permission to retire from Pastoral Administration. This will take place during the Summer of 2017.  At this time Father Del Staigers will assume the responsibilities of pastor in this region, at both Saint Veronica and Saint John Fisher.

    As we make our way through the process of identifying the internal and external workings of this region it is important to understand that this is a work in progress, and that we will continue to exist as individual parishes.  This is NOT a merger.  This is NOT combining parishes.  It IS sharing a pastor.

    We will do our best to keep you informed as we identify the different components and aspects of how this will work. Thank you for your cooperation and your prayers as we proceed.  May God continue to bless our parishes as we strive to remain faithful to the gospel of Jesus Christ!

    In Christ,

    Rev. Steven P. Walter  Saint John Fisher Parish
    Rev. P. Del Staigers Saint Veronica Parish