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The St. Veronica Education Commission is focused on providing a model school that balances “Catholic and Academic” excellence. A Catholic based education that is in accordance with The Archdiocese of Cincinnati Board of Education and the St. Veronica Parish. We educate our children within a loving and nurturing environment which maximizes their development as children of God. Our youth consider St. Veronica their second home, a place for prayer, growth, learning and play.

St. Veronica Parish provides for a parish school to be administered on a daily basis by the St.Veronica School Principal. The parish also provides for the St. Veronica School Education Commission to establish procedure and policy for the St. Veronica School that results in accomplishment of the parish “strategy for growth”. The commission is not responsible for creating the educational teaching plans for the school; this is the function of the principal and teachers of St. Veronica School. The commission; however, may provide advice to the principal regarding course material.

Education Commission Objective

The primary responsibility of the commission is to establish procedures that produce achievement and advancement of St. Veronica Students. The commission must be responsible for the management of resources available to the school. The commission's primary function is to formulate and adopt policy for the management of the school. It is responsible for working with the school principal to formulate the school policy and procedures. The St. Veronica Education Commission is responsible for recommending the annual tuition to attend St. Veronica to the Finance Commission.

Members: Mike Moran - Chairperson; Jill Cheek, Amy Fisher, Sarah Farmer, Amy Jost, Joan Bennett and Greg Rosengarten