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Be A Man! What It Means To Be A True Christian Man In Today's Society

The Cincinnati Men's Conference is back and will be hosted at Cincinnati's gorgeous Taft Theatre! The Catholic Speakers Organization and the Archdiocese of Cincinnati have teamed up to bring back America's first Catholic Men's Conference ever organized and produced. Both organizations are more than excited about the spiritual benefit the conference will bring to the greater Cincinnati community. What is equally exciting is the speaker lineup for the event, where some of the most renowned Catholic speakers were honored to join the roster. Everyone is welcome to attend no matter what religious belief or where you are in your journey of faith.

The Theme of the Men's Conference 2018 is "Be A Man! What It Means To Be A True Christian Man In Today's Society". The day will be filled with 4 lectures from 4 different speakers pertaining to being the best version of a man we can be via true Christian ideals giving us the tools to become the best brother, son, father, spouse, manager or leader to our fellow man. How are we expected to act as good Christian men in today's modern society and what are the non-negotiables for good Christian men trying to be authentic examples of Christ to the rest of the world? See a member of our Holy Name Society for ticket information.
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Released on Monday, April 9, the pope's new Apostolic Exhortation on holiness is available by clicking on the title above. “REJOICE AND BE GLAD” (Mt 5:12), Jesus tells those persecuted or humiliated for his sake. The Lord asks everything of us, and in return he offers us true life, the happiness for which we were created.
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