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Thanks To All Who Helped with the TRIDUUM

The Triduum celebrations were wonderful. Thank you to all whose preparations allowed such a smooth and prayerful celebration -- those who: organized the Agape meal, prepared the liturgies, decorated church, made music, served as liturgical ministers, gave extra time for practices, and supported those who were initiated with prayer. It is always my hope that our visitors, and those who do not worship with us on a regular basis, will see our joy and commitment and consider being with us all the time. Our hard work of preparation invites others through attraction, rather than promotion. Thanks to you all!

Pope Francis' Good Friday Prayer

In keeping with the depth of the moment, Papa Bergoglio again closed the Colosseum rites with a personally-written prayer linking the crucifixion with the modern-day suffering of the innocent, here in an English translation....

How to Take Your Young Children to Mass by Stacey and Josh Noem

Sometimes at the end of Mass a parishioner comes up to us and says “Your three children are SO well behaved!” Our standard response is either, “Thank you. We work at it” or “Thank you, some days are better than others.” The “better” days are the product of years of articles and brochures we read on taking children to Mass. Here is the distilled wisdom we rely upon.

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